From Episode 33

If you haven’t already done so please read the Introduction to this book, first.  It will be helpful to better understand these sample episode extracts.

The Thule Girls – The Storm

Colonel Thompson came to a screeching halt at the back door of D34.  Turning to Lainie, he cried out, “If I can, I’ll have food brought to you and the girls before the storm hits.  We still have some time.  Do what I’ve told you to do, Lainie, this is very serious.”

“Don’t worry,” Lainie assured the worried Colonel, “I’ll do as you say.  Please be careful.  Let me know that you’re all right when the storm is over.  Call me or send me word,  please.”

Without looking about to see if anyone might notice, Edward pulled Lainie to him and kissed her hard.  “Come on,” he ordered, drawing Lainie from the car, pulling her up the steps.  “See if all the girls are inside,” he commanded hurrying back down the steps to the wagon.  “If someone is missing let me know… and for god’s sake stay inside, read your manuals.”

The blazing sun shone as it had for the last two weeks and the wind seemed no stronger than Lainie remembered.  “Hey,” she yelled down the hall.  “Is everybody here?”

Everyone answered.  They were going to the slop chute for dinner in a few minutes.  They were waiting for her.  She ran to the door and signaled the Colonel that all was well.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Where did you go?”

“Did you seduce him?”

“Are you still a virgin?”

“Listen-up,” Lainie gasped, scrambling out of her parka, disregarding the bullet questions.  “A ‘phase’ is coming and we’re to stay inside this building.  We can’t leave.”

“What are you talking about?”  Shelly asked, confused.

“Take your parkas off and meet me in the latrine.  I have something urgent to tell you.  It’s very important, hurry.”

Sensing Lainie’s urgency, the girls fled to their rooms, deposited their gear and hurried into the latrine.  They circled the wagons once again, but Lainie, rather than Linda Rose presided over the group.

“The Colonel says there’s a bad storm coming.  We must fill the washing machine and any containers we have, with water.  We can’t leave the building under any circumstances and we will be locked in.  We must sip water very often during the storm.  We must not become dehydrated.  There’s something about the barometric pressure that changes, so we must drink lots of water.  On the other hand we have to ration it.  No showers.  No laundry.  Let’s get started.”

“Are you kidding?” Rhonda asked, rising from her chair.  “We were going to the chute for dinner.  We have to work tonight.  The weather is fine.  It’s clear outside.  I just made a ‘booze run’ to the BX.”

“Edward could hear it coming,” Lainie barked.  “He says we’re going to have a ‘phase’, it’s an Arctic summer storm and he knows what he is talking about.  He ordered us to do these things, so let’s get started, immediately!”

“What about dinner?”  Lulu asked.  “I’m starved.”

“You mustn’t leave, Lulu,” Lainie shouted agitatedly.  “People get blown away and die in these storms.  Don’t you have anything to eat in your room?  Edward said he would have food sent over from the ‘O Club l, if he could.

“I only have a half bag of peanuts and….”

Lainie interrupted her.  “Get all the bottles and containers you have.  This is seriously for real.  We may not be able to work tonight.”

“All I have is an empty gin bottle and my douche bag,” Rhonda offered.

“Then get them and fill them,” Lainie ordered.

Maria and Linda Rose rolled the washing machine to the water faucets and connected the black rubber hose.  “Do ya’ll ‘spose there really is ah storm comin’?”  Linda Rose asked Maria.

“I don’t think the Base Commander would joke about a thing like that,” Maria answered in her nervous voice.  “We knew this could happen.  It said so in the book they gave us at McGuire, the one that says we’re not supposed to fraternize and all of that.”

“Brush your teeth and wash up now if you haven’t already,” Lainie ordered.  “Then we’ll have to scour the sinks and fill them with water too.”

“Good god,” Kerry commented, “how much water are we supposed to drink?”  We’ll drown ourselves if we drink all the water we’re saving.”

“Wait until I see Sam Levine,” Rhonda cursed, scrubbing a sink furiously with the white powdery contents of a rusty can of Dutch Cleanser.  “This is not show business.  I didn’t expect to be in danger of losing my life every couple of days when we agreed to come up here.

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