From Episode 21

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The Thule Girls – Truce and Consequences

At noon on the morning after Rhonda’s disappearance, the group of six young women crowded around her door.  Kerry whispered to Shelly, “How did you know Rhonda was back?”

“I heard her when she closed the back door around ten o’clock this morning.  I was on my way to vomit after our drunken night, and there she was, all rosy and glowing, with a mustache penciled on her upper lip!”

“Didn’t you hear her, Thelma?”  Kerry asked.  “Your room is closest to the back door.”

“No, Thelma groaned, holding a wet washcloth to her forehead.  “I didn’t hear a thing.  I was out cold.”

“Where’s Maria?” Lainie asked, looking around the group.  “Is she still sleeping?”

“Yeah,” Shelly yawned.  “We just checked on her.  She’s somewhere in outer space.”

“Like always,” Kerry laughed.

“Well, fo heaven’s sake, open the door,” Linda Rose ordered.  “Let’s make sure Rhonda’s in her room.  We haven’t seen her yet.  Ah don’t believe what ah can’t see fo mahself.  Please, open the door, Shelly”.

Shelly slowly opened the door to Rhonda’s room.  Rhonda did not stir.  The six females tip toed into the room, surrounded Rhonda’s bed and stood, staring down at her.  Rhonda lay on her side, hugging her pillow, her hair falling around her face.

“She really is quite pretty, isn’t she?”  Lainie whispered.

“Ah declare she is.”  Linda Rose agreed.

“She looks peaceful doesn’t she?” asked Lulu.  “She really looks rather sweet, asleep like that.”

“Do ya’ll think she’s all right?”  Linda Rose asked Shelly.  “She didn’t get raped did she?”

Shelly caught herself as she laughed out loud.  “I don’t think she was raped,” she said, covering her mouth.  “I think she would be the one doing the raping.  Or, if she was raped she enjoyed it!”

“Did she tell you where she went or what happened?”  Lulu asked, swallowing two aspirins with a glass of water, that she brought along on the safari to Rhonda’s room.

“No.  She said she was beat and wanted to go to bed.  She wouldn’t look at me, but when I opened the door, I could see she used an eye liner pencil to draw that silly mustache!”

“Is the mustache still there?”  Kerry pondered, moving closer to the bed to get a better look at Rhonda’s upper lip.  “For god’s sake, it’s still there,” she exclaimed in her natural voice.  “And she has whisker burns on her chin.  I don’t think she was raped.”

Kerry drew her package of Camel cigarettes from her sweater pocket and offered them around.  Linda Rose sat down on the chair and Lulu sat on the edge of the desk.  Lainie and Kerry stood at the foot of the bed.  Shelly examined Rhonda’s face and neck, gently brushing her hair from her face.  Thelma stood in the doorway moaning, holding a washcloth to her forehead.

“Why would she draw a mustache on her lip?”  Lulu whispered, inhaling deeply, blowing smoke rings.

“Ah can’t imagine,” Linda Rose declared.

The girls lingered in the smoke filled room, cogitating and staring at the sleeping beauty.

“Shall we wake her up and find out where she went?”  Lainie asked, snubbing out her cigarette.

“I think not,” Shelly said, shaking her head.  “That could be like unleashing an enraged tiger.”

“Mah gracias,” Linda Rose declared, “whatevah she was doin’ must have been exhaustin’.  She’s sleepin’ like a baby.”

“Look at her,” Thelma said, entering the room.  “She has no idea that she kept us up all night and worried us to death.  She has no idea of what we’ve been through.”

“Well, the important thang is,” Linda Rose sermonized softly, “that she is back here with us, safe and apparently sound.”

“Yes,” Thelma groaned, still holding her head, “but poor Tony is probably still out there searching for her.  Should we call Security and tell them that Rhonda and Maria are here?”

“You call,” Shelly suggested, “Maybe Tony will answer and you can talk to him.”

“What time is it?”  Lainie asked.  “I have an awful hangover.  I guess I should drink more or stop drinking all together.  I feel terrible.”

“It’s noon,” Lulu replied.  “I need some coffee and cream of wheat.  I feel nauseous.  I’m going to the chute.”

The girls made plans, hoping to rid themselves of their hangovers and sick stomachs.  They put their cigarettes out in the butt-laden ashtray and exited the smoke filled room.  Shelly quietly closed the door behind them.

“I’m going back to bed,” Thelma stated, hanging up the phone.  “Security said ‘thanks’.  Tony and the two Nazis are still searching, but they’ll send someone to tell them all is well.  Poor Tony needs his sleep.”

“I’ll bet he does,” Kerry teased.  The girls hugged each other and returned to their rooms to work on their hangovers.

“Captain Raymond, sir,” Tony shouted, saluting, coming to attention upon hearing that the Captain wanted to speak with him and that it was urgent.

“Come in, Sergeant.  Stand at ease.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I’m happy to report,” the Captain said, rising from his cluttered desk, “that the two missing female musicians are safely back in their quarters.”

“That’s excellent news,” Tony replied, heaving a sigh.

“Did the ladies leave their quarters voluntarily, and if so, where did they go?”  The Captain queried.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know.”

“If they left without being kidnapped, how in hell did they leave and how did they get back into the building unnoticed, Tony?”

“I don’t know, sir,” Tony confessed.  “Everything seemed in order when I did my D34 check.”

“What time did you receive the report that they were missing?”  Tony’s superior officer asked, pacing back and forth.

“Zero four hundred hours.”

“But they finished entertaining at zero two hundred hours.”

“That’s true.”

“And Security brought them back to D34?”

“Yes, that’s the standard procedure.

“So they disappeared sometime between two and four hundred hours.”

“Apparently they did.”

“No one took them against their will I guess, so where did they go and what the hell was open at that hour of the morning?”

“The K.P. guys were cleaning mess hall number five.  We checked and double-checked, and they didn’t go there.  All the community buildings are closed at that time.  The three clubs were closed at zero two hundred hours.  The females in question were not seen anywhere on the base.”

“Where could those broads have gone, Tony? And why?”  The perplexed Captain asked, becoming perturbed with himself and his staff of air police.  “They must have been making out with a couple of guys somewhere.  Where could they have done that?  How could they not have been seen by somebody?  Did they go someplace together?  Did they go to the same place?  Did they go to different places?  How the hell did they pull this off, Tony?”

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