From Episode 12

If you haven’t already done so please read the Introduction to this book, first.  It will be helpful to better understand these sample episode extracts.

The Thule Girls – Cat Fights and Opening Night

“Come on, Lulu,” Rhonda shouted, rattling the shower door.  “You’ve been in there for half an hour.  There are other people out here waiting to shower.  Come on, get out!”

“I’m washing my hair,” Lulu shouted in reply.

Rhonda shuffled to the row of sinks, mumbling to herself.

“Are the twangers still in the showers?”  Kerry asked, brushing her teeth.

“Yeah, they’re still in the showers,” Rhonda replied grouchily.  “I think they’re just trying to use up the hot water, which they’re going to do if we don’t get them out.”

“The hot water valve is over there in the corner,” Kerry mumbled, wiping her mouth with a gray washcloth.  Let’s turn off the hot water.”

The two ‘jazzers’ tiptoed to the corner of the room, where the large hot water tank stood, and closed the valve, fixed on a pipe protruding from the wall.

Hearing blood-curdling screams, Maria dashed out of her bedroom in her panties, bra, and hair curlers shouting “Who’s there?  What’s happening?   Is someone being raped?”

Shelly threw her bedroom door open and stood, half dressed, gawking down the hall toward the source of the commotion.  “What’s going on?” she cried out, trying to be heard above the hysterical shrieks and cries.

“We’d better see what’s happening,” Maria shouted, as she trotted past Shelly, heading for the latrine.

Thelma bolted from her room, throwing on her yellow chenille bathrobe and followed the two ‘jazzers’ down the hall.

“Somebody turned off the hot water,” Lulu screamed, flying out of the shower stall.  “That’s the problem!”

Flinging open her shower door, Lainie joined Lulu naked and shivering.  “I know who turned off the hot water,” she yelped.  “You did, Rhonda.”

“Ah’m gonna’ kill that Yankee tart,” Linda Rose swore, wrapping her soaked hair in a gray towel.  “Just wait ‘till ah get mah hands on her.”

Maria and Shelly stood in the entrance of the latrine, assessing the chaos.  Shower doors were banging back and forth.  Three enraged, shivering young women, looking like hostile Arabs in their robes and head wraps, angrily advanced on Rhonda and Kerry.

“What’s going on?”  Thelma shouted, grabbing Linda Rose by her arm.

“That ‘Yankee whore’ turned off the hot watah.  We almost froze.”

“Did you turn off the hot water?” Thelma demanded to know, approaching Rhonda, and holding Linda Rose at bay.

“It was the only way to get them out of the showers,” Rhonda shouted defensively. “They’ve been in there forever.  We have to shower too.  It’s getting late and….”

“We were not in there forever,” Lainie bawled.  “We just got there first.”

Joining the arguing women, Lulu screeched, “If you ever turn off the hot water again, while we’re showering or steal Linda Rose’s robe again, you’ll answer to me.”

“You don’t frighten me,” Rhonda shot back, angrily.

“Oh no?”  Lulu snarled, reaching for Rhonda.

“No,” Rhonda affirmed, stumbling backwards into Kerry.

“Ouch,” Kerry cried, as Rhonda stepped on her foot.  Pushing Rhonda into Lulu, Kerry cried, “Knock it off Lulu.  We have to shower too!”

“Sure you do,” Lulu replied, pushing Rhonda away.  “Take your showers, but from now on you’ll never know when one of us will turn off the hot water!”

“You wouldn’t,” Kerry said, shivering at the thought.

“Try us,” Lainie shouted defiantly, closing in behind Lulu.

“Oh, come on,” Rhonda bellowed, “We were just trying to get you to hurry.  You were using all the hot water.  You’d been in there for thirty minutes.  I timed you.”

“You’re ah liah,” Linda Rose screamed, stamping her foot angrily.  “That’s ah lie, lie, lie!”

“It’s not a lie, lie, lie,” Kerry mocked.  “You were in there for half an hour!”

“Who says so?”  Lainie shouted, hopping up and down, hugging herself because she was chilled.

“We say so,” Kerry and Rhonda snarled in unison.

“Y’all ah the biggest liars in the world,” Linda Rose screeched, handing Lulu a towel.

“Stop it!”  Thelma barked.  “We’re all going to be late.  This is no way to start a job.  Those of us who haven’t showered will have to do so after work.”

The noisy fracas ended and the feuding girls reluctantly returned to their rooms grumbling and making threats as they began dressing for the evening.

Shelly pulled Rhonda aside. “Maybe this isn’t the time to bring it up,” she declared, “but there’s a nurse in the hospital, Captain O’Brien, who wants to see you first thing in the morning.”

“What does she want to see me for?” Rhonda asked, backing away in surprise.

“She wants to talk to you about the Crew Chief.”

“Why do I have to talk to anybody about him?”  Rhonda asked, angrily, “I don’t even know him.  He’s okay now, isn’t he?”

“He’s regained consciousness, but he keeps asking for you.  The head nurse, a Captain, insists that you talk to her about it.”

“I’ll be glad to be playing again,” Rhonda complained.  “I get into too much trouble when I don’t have anything to do.”

“You’re telling me,” Shelly replied.

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