From Episode 48

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The Thule Girls – The Red Alert

Sirens began howling for no apparent reason at eight-thirty in the morning.  The sky was clear.  The wind was blowing just enough to make its presence known.  Of course, a phase could come tobogganing down on you at any time. Eight doors opened simultaneously, as the frantic females screamed questions at each other.

“What the hell’s going on?”  Maria called, gawking down the hall, minus her glasses.  “Is a phase coming?”

Throwing her door open, Shelly shouted in response, “I don’t know”.

“Answer the phone, Lainie,” Kerry shrieked.

Lainie stumbled sleepily to the phone and grabbed the receiver.  “Hello.  Yes Edward.  What is it, Edward?  What’s happening?  I don’t understand…. Oh, No, No.  An alert?  But Edward….”

“What is it?”  Kerry bellowed.  What’s happening?”

“We’re under a red alert!”   Lainie shouted, paralyzed.

“What the hell does that mean?”  Rhonda shrieked.

“What’s a red alert?”  Shelly asked the Princess.

“How should I know?”  The Princess screamed. “I just woke up!”

“Answer the phone,” Kerry yelled at the top of her lungs, covering her ears from the sirens.

“It’s for you, Lainie” shouted, handing the phone to Kerry.

“Hello,” Kerry screamed into the black receiver, “what?  David is that you?  We’re under what?  What’s that?  What shall we do?  David, what shall we do?  David, David!”  Stunned, Kerry dropped the receiver onto its cradle.

“Answer the phone,” Rhonda shouted, shaking Kerry, as Kerry stood staring at the wall, while the phone jangled again.  “Answer the damned phone,” Rhonda ordered.

Kerry stood as if she were frozen in ice.  Rhonda grabbed the receiver, plugging her free ear with her finger.  “Hello!  Who is this?  Sergeant Giorgio?  Hold on.  I’ll get her.  Thelma,” Rhonda screamed, wagging the receiver in the air, “its Tony.”

Thelma dashed to the waiting receiver and screamed, “Tony, what’s happening?  A red what?  I can’t hear you.  Of course I love you darling.  Tony!  Tony!”

Thelma slammed the phone down.  “We were disconnected,” she shouted in surprise.  “Tony sounded terrible.  He kept saying he loves me.  Maybe we’re having another phase.  We’re going to have something red….”

“A red alert,” Lainie screamed, beginning to cry.  “We’re under a red alert!”

“What does that mean?”  The girls asked in chorus, huddling near the telephone that lay silently in its cradle in the notch in the wall.

“Edward says they’ve spotted a missile on a radar screen at BMEWS and it’s traveling toward Greenland’s air space, headed for the United States.”

The panic-stricken girls screamed, grabbing their hair, prancing in tiny circles.

“Missiles…?  Headed for the U.S….?  Oh my god,” Lulu screamed, clinging to her cousin, Linda Rose.  “Jerry’s in New Jersey.”

“Where exactly are the missiles headed?” Rhonda shrieked, shaking violently, “What exactly did the Colonel say?”

“He just said the entire base is in a state of ‘red alert’.  He didn’t have time to explain.”

“Oh, shit,” Kerry whimpered, “George is on his way to work, poor George.”

“Jim,” Shelly sobbed, hugging herself, “where are you, Jim, where are you?”

Lainie dashed to her room and hurried back to the crying, screaming group.  “Quiet!”  She shouted, holding her long neglected rosary above her head.  “Let’s be calm.  Let’s pray for our country and our loved ones.”

The frantic girls pushed their way into the latrine and threw themselves on their knees on the cold, hard floor.  Folding their hands, they shouted the Lord’s Prayer, hoping to be heard over the terrible noise of the sirens.  The vociferous praying continued under Lainie’s guidance, until three members of the group removed themselves from the prayer group to pee.  Praying and peeing continued until the screaming sirens stopped, at which time the newly religious assembly became agitated and hysterical again.

“Why did the sirens stop?”  Maria shouted, grabbing Shelly’s arm.  “Why did they stop?  Did the missiles explode?  Is it all over?   Did the missiles fly by us?  What’s happening now?”

“Lainie,” Rhonda called out, hoarsely, “What the hell did Edward tell you?  Where are the missiles headed?   How many are there?”

“Lainie,” Linda Rose barked, struggling to her feet, brushing the dust from her blue silk robe, having had enough praying.  “What is goin’ on, muffin?”

“Answer the phone,” Maria screamed at Rhonda, as the phone unexpectedly rang again. Rhonda jumped to her feet and made a thirty yard dash to answer the black instrument before it went dead again.

“Yes.”  She shouted, “Who is this?  Oh, hi Karl,” she shouted briskly.  “Yes, she’s here.  What the hell is happening?  Okay.  Okay.  Here she is.”

Shelly grabbed the phone from Rhonda.  Rhonda stood beside Shelly, anxious for an explanation of the panic they were all experiencing.  “Karl, what’s going on?”  Shelly cried, “We’re frightened to death.  Is it a phase?”

“Oh my god, Karl!  No!  On a radar screen…?  What can we do?  How much time is there…?  Oh, Karl…  Goodbye.”

“What’s all this goodbye stuff?”  Rhonda asked, pressing Shelly, as they hurried back to the latrine.  “Will somebody tell me what’s going on?  Does anybody know what’s going on?”

Shelly gasped, holding her throat, trying to speak.  “It’s true.  We are under a missile attack, that is to say, the U.S. is under a missile attack.  A Russian missile was discovered on a radar screen up here, and they expect it to detonate somewhere in the U.S.  There may be several missiles headed for several different cities.

Overhearing the last part of Shelly’s pronouncement, the girls began to scream and prance again, clinging to each other. Thelma stationed herself by the telephone, hoping Tony would call again. Lulu clung to Linda Rose, whimpering, worrying about Jerry, and her parents. Lainie slumped into a metal chair, sobbing and fingering her rosary beads, calling out the names of her parents, her sister and the Lord.

“We can’t leave the building,” Lainie sobbed.  “We can’t go to the chute and Edward said they can’t bring us any food.  I think they’ve locked everything down.  Everyone has taken shelter.”

“Why ah we takin’ sheltah if the missle thang is goin’ tah the states?”  Linda Rose asked, wringing her hands, while Lulu clung to her, whimpering.

Maria, twisting her hair, and burst forth singing, “Oh say, can you see, by the dawns early light…” in her full soprano voice.

“Shut up, Maria,” Rhonda commanded, as the jazzers stood staring at each other, dumb-founded.  “I need to think.”

“Think?  Think about what?”  Maria screamed, ending mid-song, in the National Anthem.  “Do you need to think about the damned Communists blowing up Manhattan and Carnegie Hall, and my apartment?   Sweet Jesus,” she sobbed, “this can’t be happening.  I’ll never become an opera star now.”

Rhonda tried to fathom what was happening.  The missiles would be aimed at New York City for sure, and the Soviets would not leave Washington unscathed or Chicago, or LA.  And, oh my god, what about Thule?  Thule was on the ‘DEW LINE’, the defense early warning system.  The radar installations, that detected the missile threat, would surely be targeted as well!

“We’re done for,” Rhonda decided, catching her breath.  If, by some miracle, Rhonda lived through the pending eminent disaster and got back to Manhattan, she was going to kill their agent, Sam Levine, if he survived the oncoming missiles.

Believing enemy Russian missiles would surely destroy Thule and its radar facilities, along with the major cities in the United States, Rhonda made her announcement.  “Ladies,” she cried out, clearing her throat, “we’re done for.  The Ruskies are certain to nuke this place since we warn the U.S. about their missiles.  It’s all over for us and everybody on the base!”

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