The Thule Girls – Sample Text

If you haven’t already done so please read the Introduction to this book first, also included here. It will be helpful to better understand these sample episode extracts.


While the story of “The Thule Girls” is fiction, it is fabricated from real life people and experiences. The author is one of the former eight Thule Girls. The United States Air Force was booking entertainers and musicians to entertain and brighten the lives and morale of the few thousand military men and civilian contractors, working and assigned for duty at Thule Air Force Base, Greenland. It was the most northern and isolated American military base in the world.

Upon their arrival at Thule, the eight female entertainers are ordered ‘off limits’ to all male personnel. Being constantly guarded by military police and confined to restricted minimal housing, the young women are demoralized and apprehensive.  When the greatly outnumbered women realize they are not in danger from the opposite sex they are expected to entertain, the dissimilar musicians join forces determined to provide themselves with male companionship for the remainder of their engagement at Thule.  Danger from deadly radiation, an Arctic blizzard, a Red Alert and other unpredictable challenging episodes, teach the opposing young musicians much about themselves, each other and the lonely men whose lives they share for a few short weeks – in the land of the midnight sun.

The pursuit and success of this unusual undertaking and the manner in which the girls achieve it – under extremely adverse circumstances is the spirit and essence of this story.

The year was 1958. The “Cold War” between the former Soviet Union and the United States was escalating. The U.S. and its Free World Western Allies were in a heightened state of conflict with the oppressive communist world. The stigma of the day was the threat of world wide annihilation (Armageddon if you choose…) caused by the fear of “bombs falling”. Not just any bombs, they were the atomic, thermal nuclear and neutron bombs… that if unleashed by warring political and ideological factions dividing the western and eastern world powers, the world as we know it today would not exist.

Located inside the Arctic Circle, Thule Air Force Base lies only nine hundred forty seven miles from the North Pole. The base was built as a strategic component of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, composed of powerful specialized radar systems stretching across Alaska, Canada and Greenland. These installations were constructed to detect long-ranged bombers and ballistic missiles being launched from the Soviet Union, over the Arctic region, into the Western hemisphere. Known as the BMEW line, their purpose was a strategic one, vital to the defense of free world democracies.

This novel reveals how, with dedication to a ‘meaningful cause’, it is possible to overcome cultural, social and artistic musical differences. Comical episodes and treacherous Arctic adventures balance out the sum and substance of this work.

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Episode 1     The Bass Fiddle

Episode 3     The Crew

Episode 6     Getting The Wheels Down

Episode 12     Cat Fights and Opening Night

Episode 21     Truce and Consequences

Episode 26     Enlightenment

Episode 33     The Storm

Episode 38     Bowl Me Over!

Episode 47     The First White Woman to….

Episode 48     The Red Alert