The Comisario’s Band – Sample Text

If you haven’t already done so please read the Introduction to this book, first, included here. It will be helpful to better understand these sample chapter extracts.


It was a hot humid summer night in the year 1992. Frank, Morey, Charley and Scat, four itinerant gray haired American musicians heading to Los Angeles are detoured by a pot seeking excursion into Mexico. Cramped into a single small jail cell they are imprisoned in a seemingly diabolical scheme, by a makeshift small town Comisario (Chief of Police) – and held for four months without a clue or reason for their prolonged confinement, without trial or judgment.

Within indefensible time the four musicians learn that Comisario, Severo López, has plans for fulfilling his ridiculous personal dream for creating an American styled Big Band, comprised of the town’s uncommonly musically gifted young teenagers, who are wholeheartedly supported by their parents and the town’s general population. The Comisario’s, dream band could become a reality if he was able to coerce or convince the captive ragged quartet into teaching the kids to play band instruments and for taking them on the road – to become a world famous Jazz Big Band, à la the celebrated Count Basie Band.

While serving as a Mexican Army Colonel attaché, at the Mexican embassy in Washington, DC, Severo’s dream was brought into focus during an earlier time, through his self-serving life saving effort, stemming from the catastrophic conclusion of his passionate love for a university professor who was also moonlighting as a jazz vocalist.

Upon learning of the Comisario’s dream and scheme, the four musicians couldn’t imagine such a thing as possible. They flat-out refused the idea and overture… after which the Comisario sets the group free.

While relishing their first day of renewed liberty in Tucson, Arizona, enjoying a few drinks and late lunch in a Chinese restaurant, they realized that they are totally destitute, with no hope for work of any kind – anywhere.  All that they possessed was Frank’s van, their instruments and music equipment, a few personal belongings, and not enough money to even get them back to Los Angeles, California.

While spending that night in a shady Tucson hotel contemplating their predicament and some fortune cookies, they reluctantly returned to the impoverished little pueblo of San Pedro, Mexico to give Severo’s vision a chance… and to endure life, such as it might be, in a place where they would at least be sheltered, fed and no longer held as prisoners.

During the following year and a few months, The Comisario’s Band was departing for their first engagement on-the-road. During that prep time the inherent talents of the kids flourished. Their individual enthusiastic personalities are divulged, and within flashbacks the individuality and characterizations of the four maestros, the Comisario and their respective loves and lives are also uncovered.

While the young musicians cultivated their experience and professionalism on the road, producing a World Class Big Band, ordeals and tribulations uniquely involving jazz musicians and the music business are revealed. Within just a few short years the perseverance of Comisario, Severo López, the mastery of maestros Frank, Morey, Charley and Scat and the resilience of young musicians from a rag-tag Mexican community, participate in and are witness to the making of a seemingly impossible dream come true.

Please select from these Samples:

Chapter 1     Scoring “Mota’

Chapter 3    The Colonel and The Professor

Chapter 6     Free To go

Chapter 10   Atypical Talents

Chapter 13    Frank’s Body Parts

Chapter 16    Serving Two Gods


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